ACE reach new heights with the Sunfire Rocket Mission

The team at Advanced Composites Engineering are delighted to share details with you of an exciting new collaboration our team have been working on recently with a team from Sheffield Hallam University.

The project has seen our team working the University’s engineers to create a 4 metre long Carbon rocket to be use as part of their Sunfire Rocket Mission. The mission – which will see the group attempt to reach heights of over 100km high to an altitude known as “the Karman line” (the altitude where space begins.) is unique in that the team are attempting to launch a liquid filled rocket.

The rocket features a 4 metre, 2 piece Carbon Rocket casing made from a highly durable material made from a blend of conductive high strength carbon and non-conductive glass. The casing was made at our manufacturing headquarters in Cramlington UK.

MD Tony Wilson commented “the team have shown they are more than capable of producing Carbon magnet retention sleeves for digital motors at outside diameters of less than 10mm and accurate to within microns, as well large parts of the size and standard of the Sheffield Hallam Rocket. We are really pleased with the team and the hard work they’ve put in to reach this point”.

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