Composite materials offer significant weight, performance, aesthetic and anti-corrosive benefits over metallic structures.

As a result; our glass fibre, carbon fibre and aramid fibre tubes can be used to enhance your application at a cost to suit your budget. Examples of popular uses for our composite tubes are;

Military / Defence

Our team have previously worked as part of the NLAW next generation light anti-tank weapon system team which included SAAB Bofors Technology  and Thales Air Defence Systems. Our work to support the defence sectors continues today…


We supply composite tubing for aerospace applications including spacers, sleeves and fuel gauging equipment and we also hold several product specific aerospace approvals from leading aerospace organisations including GKN.

Commercial / Industrial

We manufacture tubular composite components for use in industrial applications such as Lightweight Industrial Tubing, Composite Lifting Equipment and Telescopic Tubing Sets.

Carbon Fibre Tennis Racket

Sports Equipment

Composite materials offer significant performance benefits for sports equipment users due to their high stiffness to weight properties and durability characterisitcs.


Our team of engineers have a vast experience working with the yachting industry and work with some of the biggest boat builders in the UK…