About Advanced Composites

At Advanced Composites Engineering, we pride ourselves on being  a true solutions provider – bringing unrivalled expertise and experience in the bespoke composites market.

Our diverse client base see us engineering and providing premium quality composite tubing to businesses across a diverse range of sectors including;

  • – Defence / Military,
  • – Aerospace,
  • – Sports Equipment,
  • – Marine components
  • – As well as a range of commercial and industrial applications.


An Unrivalled Track Record

With a collective 200 years experience in the manufacture of Composite materials our team has delivered everything from components for Rally Cars to Vacuum cleaners – and even provided self powering components for the International Space Station – an unparalleled CV in the composites space that has not only seen us pioneer cutting edge composite manufacture – but truly understand the capabilities and limits of these materials.

All of our products are created in house in our brand new, state of the art manufacturing facility – in addition to creating the composite tubes, we also offer a range of other services including surface machining, drilling, milling and turning services to allow us to deliver you an assembly ready component or product.

UK Manufacturing Facility for Carbon Tubes and Composite Tubes

Over 200 years collective experience in the Composites sector, our team has delivered a range of high-performance components for projects on behalf of clients such as the International Space Station, Dyson, Airbus, Thales, Subaru and more.

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Carbon Fibre Tennis Racket

A Perfect Finish - Every Time

Ensuring a high-quality finish every time, our in-house painting and facilities are unrivalled anywhere in the composites industry – with a range of finishes, colours and options available to finish your components perfectly.

The techniques and processes have been specially adapted for our military and aerospace customers built around technologies that have been optimised in the manufacture of high quality carbon products and components.

As a result, our team can offer our clients a range of finishing and painting services to perfectly match your geometric tolerance and aesthetic appearance requirements.

Our high-performance poles are constructed using a special “roll wrap” manufacturing process working with carbon fibre or glass fibres and utilising an epoxy based resin system. In addition, our tubes can all be accurately fibre aligned and feature reinforcement options through the length of the tube to provide a tube that offers the optimum balance of stiffness, strength, weight and cost.

With decades of experience in the composites industry, Advance Composites pride ourselves on offering a one stop solution finder to any client looking for parallel or tapered composite tubing.

Our engineers have developed extensive technical knowledge in the manufacture and development of high performance woven or multi directional fibre composites and our experience allows us to advise you on the suitability and durability of a wide range of composite materials. In a majority of cases, these composite fibre tubes can be deployed as direct replacements for metal components and tubes – reducing the weight of a machine or component whilst offering the users significantly enhanced performance over time.

Whether you are looking for simple ‘off the shelf’ carbon fibre or composite tubing or if you are looking for a specialised service to help to you develop and deliver bespoke products – our team of composites experts have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life! 

Quality assured using the latest technology

Advanced Composites Engineering truly are your ‘one stop solution’ for all of your tubular composite requirements and components, saving you time, effort and ultimately money. Reach out and talk to us about your requirements today!