Featured Case Study: SpaceVac

SpaceVac International are the worlds leading manufacturer of high-level cleaning systems.

Their cleaning technology allows operators to clean high-level areas such as gutters, ceilings or walls from the safety of the ground floor – without having to access the areas in person on ladders or scaffolding. 

To allow operators to work in this way, the system features a range of interlocking carbon fibre cleaning poles – down which the materials being removed travels – through a hose into a vacuum cleaner. 

It was the supply of these interlocking poles that bought SpaceVac to us for the first time. Prior to engaging with us, the team at SpaceVac were supplied by a Chinese manufacturer which – while attractive on price – was presenting a number of problems to the manufacturing team including: 

  • Supply times – Shipments to the UK by sea were adding a number of weeks to all orders making ordering  long drawn out process. 
  • Time Difference – the difference in time and working patterns meant the team often waited days and sometimes weeks (during national shutdown periods) to receive updates and information 
  • Quality Control – Ultimately without a local point of contact keeping regular watch on production, the team were experiencing significant quality control issues with shipments often featuring misshapen, incorrect and unusable parts. 

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The expertise and knowledge that Advanced Composites bring has helped us to not only improve our core product but also expand as we have developed new solutions based on the ever evolving capabilities of the team.
Andy Collar
Technical Manager - SpaceVac International

Partnering with ACE allowed SpaceVac to solve a number of its operational problems immediately – with a U.K. point of contact providing a simple answer to both issues translating technical information and also being a timely point of contact for team whenever required.

Moreover though, our experience of carbon fibre engineering allowed us to develop and improve SpaceVacs range of products over recent years.

The manufacture process of these interlocking poles is based on the roll-wrapping of carbon sheets around a central mandrill – and ultimately this base material will govern the final properties of the pole – from its weight and durability to the amount of flex the pole is subject to. In the specific case of SpaceVac – these properties ultimately governed the total height that the system can reach in operation.

Partnering with our engineering team however have SpaceVac access to range of different base materials – constructed using different carbon blends and woven in different ways to produce a range of poles that decreased the weight of the poles themselves whilst offering a substantially more rigid and durable range of poles.

The use of these new materials has enabled SpaceVac to develop and launch a range of new products within their product range for use in different environments (such as the specialist high-voltage pole which can withstand up to 50,000 volts) and pole systems capable of reaching over 20m in height.

As a result – this focus on innovation and product development has allowed SpaceVac to open up new revenue streams and business opportunities all over the world.