Sports Equipment

Offering a unique combination of high performance and durability with lightweight materials; composites offer a number of unique advantages to companies in the sporting and leisure equipment sectors.

As a result, our team of composites engineers have extensive experience in the manufacture of a range of sports equipmment and components including;

  • Masts, Bow sprits and spinnaker poles for use in yachts an boats.
  • Tennis and badminton rackets 
  • Paddle Shafts for crafting paddles for canoes and kayaks
  • Lightweight moveable Rugby Posts
  • Pit Lane Equipment for use in Formula One

The use of a composite material for the manufacture of these components offers our clients a number of significant benefits – due to the very high stiffness to weight ratio and the durability characteristics displayed by the materials.

Our lightweight Carbon fibre tubes are a popular direct replacement for aluminium tubular components across a range of yachting applications offering instant weight savings. 

Carbon Fibre Tennis Racket