Military / Defence

Advanced Composites are a trusted partner of the defence sector thanks to our extensive track record in the design and manufacture of high-performance tubular components for use across a range of military applications including Land Based Systems and Communications equipment such as Antennae

Our team has previously worked as part of the NLAW next generation light anti-tank weapon system team – a pioneering new modality which includes SAAB Bofors Technology  and the use of Thales Air Defence Systems. In addition to this experience, we were also part of the founding of the Northern Defence Industries (NDI) – a trade body that represents the sector’s interests to government and champions the industry to the wider public.

The NLAW project first went into production in early 2006 and the system has been operational around the world since 2007. Our engineers worked on the launch tube that sealed around the anti-tank missile at the centre of the NLAW combat weapon – this tube was disposed as the missile was launched. While the main targets for this missile are MBTs and Light Armoured Fighting Vehicles, the system is also able to neutralise a range of other targets including troops in buildings and even nonarmoured vehicles.

Today, our focus on innovation and constant improvement sees our team continuing to develop our carbon fibre tube and composite tube technologies to offer even greater levels of performance to our defence partners.