Our team of engineers have a vast experience working with the yachting industry and work with some of the biggest boat builders in the UK

One such example is our work with Ovington. Ovington’s 49er is a one-design skiff that has completely revolutionised competitive dinghy since it first was introduced to the market. The skiff design offers a fast, high-performance vessel at the very top of its class. Our team worked extensively on the design and manufacture of a number of key components for this boat.

Our wide range of options and versatile manufacturing process allows us to continuously develop a number of yachting components for builders – helping to deliver a high-performance balance of performance, weight and durability.

Advanced Composites also supply The Makefast Group with Tubing which has to meet the Highest Standards of specification and appearance, as the parts are placed on high end Yachts.

If you are looking for an experienced composites partner to help design, develop and deliver any bespoke component for use in yachting – or any other application currently utilising metal components or tubes – be sure to reach out to us to discuss your requirements with us in detail today.