Carbon Tubes and Composite Tubes

Our Carbon Fibre Tubes and Composite Tubes

Here at Advanced Composite Engineering, we design and manufacture composite tubes from a wide range of materials including carbon fibre, glass fibre, and aramid fibre (otherwise known as KevlarTM). As well as a composite of materials specifically designed and engineered to meet the requirements of our customers. 

Constructed using a mandrel wrapping technique (also sometimes known as ‘roll wrap’), manufacturing our poles in this way allows for the most accurate placement and alignment of fibres. This allows our engineers to achieve a composite tube that balances the perfect mix of strength, weight and flexibility for its intended application, whether it’s a carbon tube or carbon fibre tube.

Carbon Tubes made with Roll Wrap Technology

A large percentage of our composite tubes are engineered utilising what’s known as a ‘male moulding process’ often referred to as “roll wrap”. As a carbon tube supplier with over 40 years of composites experience, we have found this method for construction to be the optimal technique for manufacturing thin-walled composite tubing. 

This process has been refined and developed over decades of manufacturing high-quality industrial components for the aerospace, defence, motorsport, marine and industrial components sectors all over the world. Roll wrapped carbon fibre tubes offer optimal performance for a wide range of applications.

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We have achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating our commitment to consistently providing products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Unique Benefits of Composites and Carbon Fibre Tubes

Composites possess a number of unique qualities that make them ideal for use in a range of different environments:

Manufactured in the UK

We are a UK based carbon tubes supplier. All of our carbon tubes, composites tubes and other components are all UK manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Cramlington. At Advanced Composite Engineering, our carbon fibre tubes are designed and manufactured to deliver optimal performance for every client we work with.

True zero degrees axial fibre alignment 

A result that is not achievable utilising alternative ‘winding technologies’, your finished carbon tube will benefit from fibres that are perfectly aligned precisely where they should be; ensuring the perfect carbon fibre tube for your application – EVERY TIME!

Localised Reinforcements 

In addition to creating tubes from Composites, our engineers are able to introduce additional materials anywhere along the tube to reinforce a particular section in line with your exact requirements.​

Tapered Carbon tubes

When working with pultrusion manufacturing processes it is generally not possible to deliver an end product with a tapered tube. By employing our Roll Wrap technique, we are able to deliver a perfectly tapered tube – experience gained during decades of experience creating high-performance fishing rods.

Choice of Finishes Available 

Our composite tube specialists are able to deliver a range of surface finishes on your end product – ranging from smooth to the touch matte finish options, a painted tube of a particular colour, or just a ‘classic’ woven carbon fibre finish. No matter your requirements, we are able to provide you with the perfect end product for your customers’ needs.

Repeatable quality: The Very Best, Every Time

Our focus on the highest possible standards and with tightest possible tooling tolerances we are able to offer you a consistent level of quality; delivering the highest quality composite tubes, every time.

Affordable Custom Composite Tubes

Due to the way we manufacture our composite tubes, setup for jobs does not require the expensive tooling and mould set up costs associated with traditional moulding methods. Even in the unlikely situation where we don’t have the correct size tool for your composite tube off the shelf, we can create custom composite tubes. The manufacture of these new tools and casts is cost-efficient and affordable for businesses of all sizes. 

Carbon Tubes available in a Range of sizes:

All manufactured in the UK, our general tube internal diameter (ID) sizes range from 4.49 mm – 152.40 mm (0.176″-6.000″) but other sizes can be manufactured up to about 325 mm (13″). Wall thicknesses range generally from 0.6 mm – 10.00 mm (0.024″-0.400″) depending on diameter and intended use. Lengths up to 3600 mm (12½ft) are possible but we can offer jointed tubes to create longer lengths if required. As your trusted carbon tubes manufacturer, we welcome you to contact us with your requirements.

carbon tubes composite tubes diameter range

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