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Advanced Composites Engineering: Your One Stop Composites Solution

Our dedicated team of composites experts have amassed over 200 years experience of working with specialist composites manufacture - an unrivalled CV with experience of delivering projects across a range of sectors - from Defence and Aerospace, to Sports and Marine applications including projects for the likes of the International Space Station, Subaru and Dyson.

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Due to the unique properties of composites and benefits they offer, the uses of these materials in engineering in endless - from Marine to Defence, from Aerospace to Sports Equipment. Find out how some of our clients around the world have utilised our expertise

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What Are Composite Tubes?

The use of composite tubes in manufacturing is extensive - with utilisations across a range of sectors. Find out more about the unique properties of our composite tubes and components and the process that goes into their manufacture.

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Why Composites?

Most people move from metal into composites because they have a specific requirement - from reduced weight to improved performance under stress. Find out more about the unique benefits of composites and their advantages over metal - from increased resistance to corrosion, to reduced weight or increased performance...

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Digital Motor Sleeves

Digital Motors [or Permanent Magnet Motors] continue to be used in greater numbers to help our modern world cope with ever increasing demands of low carbon emissions and improved efficiency.

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